1. It’s A Great Place

    *It’s a great place to get fit and do your training. SMART Training are doing awesome job. They are friendly, knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated.…Read More

    Matthew Fairweather
  2. Absolutely Enjoyed The Workouts

    *Thanks to SMART Training for the challenge. I have absolutely enjoyed the workouts and improving my fitness. Looking forward to achieving more results in the months ahead.…Read More

    Clare Camilleri
  3. Thanks Guys!

    *Well, what a difference, after two months of hard work with SMART Training. The trainers are so helpful, motivating and listen to every question you ask! I feel stronger, healthier and so much better! Thanks guys!…Read More

    Ciara Vincent
  4. I Have Achieved More Than I Believed I Could

    I started out last December with an in depth consultation. I was well over 100kg and had a very high fat percentage. I had not really been active since 2010, and my body had all the signs of it. I started out my SMART Training journey, with clear plans and goals of what I wanted to achieve. After a couple of weeks I really began to love the challenge of it, and looked forward to every session. As …Read More

    Steve Cronin
  5. Always Encouraged Me

    Each time I thought I’d done a tough session, the next one would be even tougher and more challenging! But he always encouraged me, and even when I said the famous words ‘I can’t do it’, he knew I could. I even started doing group classes after a few months. I was far too self-conscious to do them at the beginning. The trainers explains everything to you, what each exercise does to each mu…Read More

    Linda Fagan