1. It’s A Great Place

    *It’s a great place to get fit and do your training. SMART Training are doing awesome job. They are friendly, knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated.…Read More

    Matthew Fairweather
  2. Absolutely Enjoyed The Workouts

    *Thanks to SMART Training for the challenge. I have absolutely enjoyed the workouts and improving my fitness. Looking forward to achieving more results in the months ahead.…Read More

    Clare Camilleri
  3. Thanks Guys!

    *Well, what a difference, after two months of hard work with SMART Training. The trainers are so helpful, motivating and listen to every question you ask! I feel stronger, healthier and so much better! Thanks guys!…Read More

    Ciara Vincent
  4. I Have Achieved More Than I Believed I Could

    I started out last December with an in depth consultation. I was well over 100kg and had a very high fat percentage. I had not really been active since 2010, and my body had all the signs of it. I started out my SMART Training journey, with clear plans and goals of what I wanted to achieve. After a couple of weeks I really began to love the challenge of it, and looked forward to every session. As …Read More

    Steve Cronin
  5. Always Encouraged Me

    Each time I thought I’d done a tough session, the next one would be even tougher and more challenging! But he always encouraged me, and even when I said the famous words ‘I can’t do it’, he knew I could. I even started doing group classes after a few months. I was far too self-conscious to do them at the beginning. The trainers explains everything to you, what each exercise does to each mu…Read More

    Linda Fagan
  6. Family-like Atmosphere

     * Knowing that there is someone waiting on you in the morning to train, gives you that push to get up and get it done. SMART Training is not intimidating or scary like most commercial gyms. It is warm and has a family-like atmosphere. Jonny is always professional and is extremely dedicated to his clients. I couldn’t recommend him or his business enough. I am beginning to see results that I am …Read More

    Aifric Tracey