Dangerous levels of stress in conjunction with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles leads to illness such as back pain, depression, migraine and cardiovascular disease which lose companies thousands of man hours every year.

Exercise has been proven to be the most effective method of improving mental wellbeing and helping to reduce the onset of stress-related illnesses.   Holistic wellbeing therapies such as Yoga and Pilates are also proven to elevate mental wellbeing, promote flexibility and relaxation and even boost immunity keeping employees healthy, happy and balanced.

Providing corporate fitness and wellbeing facilities is an investment in both your employees’ health and your company’s future.
Wellness programmes provide a systematic approach to managing health by incorporating education, guidance and training. Our Wellness programmes are flexible, interchangeable and adaptable to the needs of your organisation.

Gym Design / Set-Up

We can design your corporate gym based on your budget and available space. We provide you with a standard corporate gym checklist and provide an employee survey to see what your employees would like. We match your employee likes, and your wants, with what we know a corporate gyms needs.

Based on your budget and/or space constraints we will supply an equipment list and tender specifications for this list. We can manage the gym equipment tendering process and assist you during this process.

Corporate Gym Management/ Membership Database Management

We take the work load off your Facilities/HR reps hands. We arrange all services available for your staff through our website booking service or by email. We maintain a database of members on your behalf which is compliant with The Data Protection Act.

Gym Equipment Induction for new gym members

Best Practice is to induct staff in using the gym equipment. We take inductees through the gym rules and show the correct procedure in how to use each piece of equipment and the safety features in the gym. We also highlight the high risk areas of gym use.

Health Screening of all Potential New Gym Members

We provide a basic health screening for staff during the induction phase to ensure we gather information that allows us to best guide new gym users.

Run On-Site Group Training and/or Personal Training.

SMART Training can provide a range of exercise classes from Circuit/HIIT, Boxercise, Pump & Tone to Kettlebell Classes, to suit your employees’ needs.  We know that space can be at a premium in most offices but we can still easily provide health and fitness services in your workplace.  A meeting room, lunch room, open space or roof terrace is all that’s needed for an effective workout or exercise class.  Contact us and we can quickly tailor the best solution for your environment or budget. Our qualified Personal Trainers will take groups through 45 minute dynamic energetic fun classes.

We also offer onsite Personal Training. Our Personal Trainers will take individuals or small groups (max 3) through individual tailored programmes to help employees reach their fitness goals even faster.

Employee Wellbeing Events

SMART Training offers a range of Wellbeing Days to engage your employees on various aspects of their health and fitness.  Available to companies of all sizes, we can tailor an event to visit your organisation anywhere in the country at a time to suit you.

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