Find the right combination of exercise and healthy eating

Many who come to us at SMART Training Churchtown, Dublin 14, based just 5 minutes drive from Dundrum Town Centre, have spent a great deal of time searching for an answer to the question of ‘how to lose weight’.

Yes, there are quick-fix crash diets available that will see weight drop quickly away, but only to come back again just as quickly when the diet finishes. Instead, the only sure-fire way to first lose weight and then maintain that weight loss is a combination of two things:

  • Increased and effective exercise
  • Healthier nutrition

Our personal training plans will deliver the ideal combination of both for you.

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How we help you to lose weight

Lose-Weight-300x300First, we hold an in-depth FREE Consultation, to discuss your aims, and record your starting weight and other measurements.

Then we develop a tailor-made personal training plan for you, which will burn just the right number of calories at the start to begin to get results, and then increase in intensity as time goes on to deliver even more impressive results as your exercise ability increases.

We provide a personal trainer who is on hand at each of your exercise sessions, keeping a close eye and offering advice and guidance on your technique, and motivation whenever you begin to find the going tough.

We give you access to a wide range of resources on nutrition, from delicious recipe ideas to shopping lists and suggestions for alternatives to the treats you may allow yourself a little too often.

More than all, we encourage you to keep going with your routine, we congratulate you on results achieved so far, and we create a positive environment in which to continue your progress.