Benefit from the ultimate personal fitness training experience 

This package will see one of our expert personal trainers work with you on a programme that will be exactly tailor-made to your own individual needs. It means a gym membership that is as unique as you are.

Our private and semi private personal training programmes can be structured to fit any goals, such as:

  • Sport-specific fitness – golf, football, etc.
  • Weight loss goal
  • Body and muscle toning
  • Overall lifestyle improvement – ‘Just generally feel better’

Other benefits of personal fitness training include:

  • The undivided attention of your personal trainer at all times
  • Complete freedom in choosing when you want to train, so you can always arrange sessions around your busy lifestyle
  • Increased accountability and focus on your progress to date
  • Personal nutrition plans

How to arrange your Personal Training Plan

First, just contact us to arrange your Free Consultation. We’ll give you a tour of our premises, tell you more about how we operate, and learn more about you and your individual goals.

We’ll then get to work on drawing up your personal training plan, considering such factors as your current level of fitness, your ultimate goals, and how much time you can commit to training.

We’ll also email you on your nutrition plan, which will equip you with a shopping list and recipes for tasty, nutritious, and healthy meals. You can See Some of our Recipes Here.

Once all that’s done, we’ll look forward to seeing you come train with us, putting your diet and exercise plan into action!

Your  Personal Training Plan – What to Expect

First, you can expect the complete and undivided attention of your personal trainer, every single time you come to train with us.

You can expect to see the same fitness trainer almost every time, and depending upon scheduling, you can expect complete privacy, too, as we’ll arrange where possible for you to train away from areas being used by others.

You can expect – and you’ll get – supreme levels of motivation, encouragement, and advice.

Finally, you can expect to soon begin to look and feel better than you’ve done in a long time – or perhaps ever.


  • Semi Private Personal Training 30 Day Kick Start – €179.99 (Include 8 sessions, meal planner, shopping list, before and after measurements).
  • One-on-One – €399.99 – (Include 8 sessions, meal planner, shopping list, before and after measurements).

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