As we grow older, an active lifestyle is more important than ever. Regular exercise can help boost energy, maintain your independence, and manage symptoms of illness or pain. Exercise can even reverse some of the symptoms of aging. And not only is exercise good for your body, it’s also good for your mind, mood, and memory. Whether you are generally healthy or are managing an illness, there are plenty of ways to get more active, improve confidence, and boost your fitness.

A SMART Training we offer Fitness Programmes to Over 60’s. Our fitness programmes consists of 30 Days of Semi Private Personal Training (8 sessions over 30 Days). Prior to the client ever picking up a weight, they meet one of our team for a Free Consultation to discuss their goals for the 30 Days and to help us create a programme that suits them. At the end of their eight sessions, we arrange a coaching session to take measurements again and discuss their goals. We also offer discounted rates to Over 60’s.

Benefit from our Over 60’s Fitness Programme 

This programme will see one of our expert personal trainers work with you on a programme that will be exactly tailor-made to your own individual needs. It means a gym membership that is as unique as you are. Semi Private Personal Training means that you may be training with up to two other clients. This brings a real social, community atmosphere to our gym.
Our semi private personal training programmes can be structured to fit any goals, such as:

  • Improved Flexibility
  • Manage Symptoms of Illness or Pain
  • Improved Circulation
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Toning
  • Overall Lifestyle Improvement – ‘Just generally feel better’

How to arrange your Fitness

First, just contact us to arrange your Free Consultation. We’ll give you a tour of our premises, tell you more about how we operate, and learn more about you and your individual goal

We’ll then get to work on drawing up your personal training plan, considering such factors as your current level of fitness, your ultimate goals, and how much time you can commit to training.

We’ll also draw up your personal nutrition plan. You can See Some of our Recipes Here.

Once all that’s done, we’ll look forward to seeing you come train with us, putting your diet and exercise plan into action!


Your Fitness Programme for Over 60’s – What to Expect

First of all, you can expect the sessions to be FUN! You can expect Accountability. Motivation. Advice. Encouragement. And the chance to exercise with like minded people.  In SMART Training’s comfortable workout environment, you won’t be intimidated by bodybuilders or elite athletes. Instead, our clientele is made up of people like you – people who want to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle together at our gym.

And you won’t be shouted at by our trainers if you find the going tough. We’re not Sergeant Majors in the Army. Instead, we’re there to motivate and inspire you, with a few well-chosen words to help you keep going. That’s the SMART way to do it


Over 60’s Fitness Programme – Who It’s For

Life after 60 doesn’t have to be a time of physical decline. It can be a time of rejuvenation and finding new strength – emotionally, and physically. Our Fitness Programme is firstly Fun. Each client will have a tailor made programme of  exercises and will be supervised by one of our friendly Personal Trainers to ensure they avoid injury.  This programme is for anyone who wants to increases flexibility, circulation, balance and feel happier in their body. .

If that sounds like you, and you like what you hear about us, just get in touch so we can begin to talk about our Fitness Personal Training Programme for Over 60’s. Just fill in the form below, and we’ll be in touch to arrange your free consultation.


Fitness for Over 60’s Prices

  • Over 60s Fitness Plans – €179.99 – (Includes 8 sessions, meal planner, shopping list, before and after measurements).

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