Personal training for busy people with little time

SMART Training Gyms, based in the Churchtown/Dundrum area have one clear mission – to motivate, inspire and help you look and feel the best you can possibly be. That was the vision shared by international sportsman Jonny Bruton and wife Sarah when they opened SMART Training Gyms in 2013.

Together they have developed a space where people from Churchtown/Dundrum can work out in a comfortable and open environment, and see real results from their training. It’s something they’re passionate about.

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SMART Training Management Team

Jonny Bruton

Jonny is Co-Director and Marketing and Sales Manager at SMART Training. Jonny has always known the benefit of regular training and good nutrition. They helped him in a hockey career that saw him:

  • Play for Ireland 53 times
  • Score 11 international goals
  • Help Ireland to bronze in the European Championships – our best men’s result ever
  • Help Ireland to qualify for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, 2016

With such dedication and achievements himself, he can inspire and motivate you to do great things too.

Sarah is Co- Director and the Membership Services Manager at SMART Training’s . She is also a keen hockey player and has been involved in team sports from early childhood. While she loves training and does so as often as she can in SMART Training, her true passion is creating delicious, nutritious kick-ass healthy food that inspires people to eat healthier.

Sarah is SMART Training’s recipe developer, food photographer and blog writer. Sarah enjoys transforming not-so-healthy food into healthier versions, by making healthy swaps. Her food philosophy is to:

  • Eat as healthily as possible
  • Avoid processed food and fast food – apart from the occasional treat
  • Above all, eat delicious food – life is too short to be bland!

SMART Training Gym, Churchtown.

Ken Orme Lynch

Ken Orme Lynch – Personal Trainer

Ken joined our team in April 2016. Ken has worked as a Personal Trainer for over 7 years. Ken is a keen rugby player and trains in the gym 6 days a week, specifically for muscle mass. His passion is Hypertrophy training or bodybuilding. When trying to gain as much muscle as possible and decrease body fat it becomes extremely complicated and you have to focus on the likes of anabolic windows’ and nutrient timing’ to ensure the best results.

Ken is an extremely passionate personal trainer who works tirelessly with SMART clients to ensure that they get the results they are working towards. He is extremely motivating and positive and very knowledgeable and while his taste in music is a little suspect, the results his clients get are not!

Conor Doyle – Operations Manager

Conor joined our team in January 2020.  Conor is a semi professional rugby player and brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Conors communication skills are on point and he shows great empathy with his clients. He understands exactly how difficult it can be to fit your training into an already busy work-home-life schedule. He is very passionate about his job and is completely committed to improving the well-being of the clients he works with.

Garry Hurley – Personal Trainer

Gary is a Registered Club Coach with Weightlifting Ireland and has discovered his true sport passion in Olympic weightlifting. He is also reigning Leinster 61kg Champ in weightlifting. Garry is an awesome addition to the team and we are delighted to have him on board.

Sean Murtagh

Sean Murtagh – Sports Massage Therapist

Sean joined our team in April 2017. Sean is a qualified Sports Massage Therapist and provides treatment to both SMART Training members and non member alike. Massage has become an integral part of the new athletic regimen. A growing number of trainers believe that massage can provide an extra edge to athletes who participate in high performance sports. Massage is a necessary ingredient for a complete workout. More and more people are realizing that a complete workout routine includes not only the exercise itself, but also caring for the wear-and-tear and minor injuries that naturally occur with strenuous movement. The physiological and psychological benefits of massage make it an ideal complement to a total conditioning program.

More information on SMART Sports Massage rates can be found here.

The SMART Training way

At SMART Training Dublin, we’re a lifestyle facility for busy people with little time. We know you have to fit your exercise regime into an already-demanding schedule. But commit to us for just one hour at a time, two to three times per week, and we’ll get you results in as little as 30 days.
We do this through the two strands of healthy lifestyle: enjoyable exercise, and smart nutrition.

Your personal training exercise plan

Your exercise plan will be tailor-made for you, following your initial free consultation with lead trainer Jonny. We will assess your general fitness, discuss what you want to achieve, and draw up a plan that will see you reach those goals.
You choose whether to exercise in:

  • Semi-private sessions (maximum three participants), or,
  • Group Training sessions (Maximum Ten Participants)

Whichever you choose, you will have a personal trainer on hand at all times, to guide you through exercise routines and techniques, and ensure you get maximum benefit from everything you do. Our gym is a fun environment to exercise in, with other ordinary people with goals just like you.

Your weight loss nutrition plan

You will also receive expert nutritional advice, including recipes galore for tasty low-fat meals packed with protein and other goodness, all under Sarah’s expert guidance.Most of these meals can be made with ordinary ingredients already on your regular shopping list, and many of them in just 15 to 20 minutes – showing again how everything we do is designed to fit in with your busy lifestyle. And you’re even allowed the occasional treat.

What SMART Training is all about

We chose the title ‘Smart Training’ very carefully – as SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time.
We design a specific plan for you, which is both achievable and realistic and which can deliver measurable results in as little as 30 days. We also set a realistic time frame for you to achieve your ultimate goals. It could be just those 30 days, it could be three months, or it could be a year – it all depends on what you want to do. But no matter what that is, we’ll help you do it.