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Choosing a fitness trainer in Dundrum can be difficult as you seek the right ‘fit’ for you – but with SMART Training Churchtown, you are guaranteed that your fitness trainer is perfectly tuned in to your abilities and ambitions. SMART Training is based in Churchtown, just 5 minutes drive from the Dundrum Town Centre or 10 minutes walk from the Windy Arbour Luas stop.

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All our fitness trainers have expertise and experience in helping ordinary people from Dundrum and Churchtown achieve their goals – people just like you, who want to get fitter, tone up, and lose weight.

Fitness-Trainer-DublinThey motivate and educate, and expect only that you do your best. They won’t demand super feats of athleticism or strength, like you might get from a performance athlete or bodybuilder – instead, they just ask that you stick to your plan, commit to a healthier lifestyle, and take on board all their advice as you go along.

Semi-private and Group Fitness Classes Options

You can benefit from the personal attention and expertise of our fitness trainers in either semi-private personal training sessions and fitness classes. The choice is yours.

Semi-private personal training sessions involve a maximum of three people at any time. They deliver increased personal attention, as your fitness trainer is close by at all times to offer encouragement and advice.

You may sometimes even benefit from the fitness trainer’s full and undivided attention if nobody else books the same session.

Group fitness classes have a maximum of fifteen participants. This means your fitness trainer can still pay you significant personal attention during each of your sessions.

Another advantage of our group fitness classes is being able to learn from and being inspired by your fellow group members – all ordinary people just like you, who started out with the same sort of goals and ambitions, and who can share those experiences to help you achieve yours too.