Always Encouraged Me

Linda-Fagan-Smart-Training-Testimonial-3Each time I thought I’d done a tough session, the next one would be even tougher and more challenging! But he always encouraged me, and even when I said the famous words ‘I can’t do it’, he knew I could. I even started doing group classes after a few months. I was far too self-conscious to do them at the beginning. The trainers explains everything to you, what each exercise does to each muscle, how it’s going to help you, and they are 100% dedicated to getting you to your goal. I was always so worried that they would be mad or disappointed or that feel they were wasting their time with me because the scales weren’t coming down quick enough, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. They never once made me feel disappointed or that I didn’t do enough, that was all just in my head. I cannot even begin to explain how much Jonny and SMART Training have changed my life. My whole attitude to food and exercise is completely different now.

Linda Fagan