SMART Training is currently the process of evolving. We have just invested in some pretty awesome technology to help our members to feel the benefit of every ounce of effort they put into their sessions. Professional athletes have used heart rate zone training for years. It works. That’s why MyZone has been built around that zone training system to help anyone become better than they thought possible. MyZone tracks fitness effort, rather than less accurate numbers like calories. The result is a tailored workout where an unconditioned person could do better in the rating system than an athlete, if they put in more effort. MyZone really does level the ‘fitness’ playing field for our members.



Be honest, you’ve compared yourself to someone else in the gym? You may have compared the weights you lift to the weights they lift, or the reps you can complete in the same time it takes them to complete or perhaps how exhausted you feel versus how exhausted they look? Training using others as a measure will always fail at some point as, unless you’re a world-class athlete, there’s always someone better. That’s why effort based training works so well. If you put the effort into a workout you will reap the benefits and feel confident – eager for more. So how does it work?


MyZone is a chest worn heart rate belt. Unlike older uncomfortable ones this uses a seamless soft plastic on the skin side of the band so you barely notice it’s on after a while. This intelligently connects to the phone app via Bluetooth the moment it’s clipped on and starts tracking. Simple. It’s water resistant to 10 metres, comes in three sizes, lasts seven months on a charge and has 16 hours of storage direct on the unit, in case you want to record without a phone. The unit also has ANT+ and analogue transmission so it can technically work with most devices.

Chest worn monitoring is still far more accurate that optical wrist worn attempts at tracking. Since MyZone is based on very specific heart rate zone training this accuracy is highly important.

In a gym-based situation, like SMART Zone Classes at SMART Training, the data from your strap will be shown on a large screen at the front of the room. It’s also shown on the phone app, live, so can work anywhere. This reads out your heart rate as a percentage of your max heart rate. This is the measure of total effort you personally can put it. This is based on metrics like age, height, weight, sex, resting heart rate and max heart rate.The screen changes colour as the zones change. If you’re at the right heart rate your tile, which shows your heart rate percentage, will change to match the correct zone. The longer you’re in the zone during that time the more points you accrue – these are called MEPs, or MyZone Effort Points. The higher the heart rate percentage zone, the more points you receive. So the ultimate goal is to stay in the zone and aim for more intense zones for longer.

The grey zone, for 50-59 per cent of max heart rate, earns you 1MEP per minute, the blue zone, for 60-61 per cent awards 2 MEPs, green for 70-79 per cent earns you 3 MEPs per minute and the yellow zone for 80-89 per cent and red zone for 90-100 per cent give 4 MEPs per minute. Red zone training too much can be damaging hence the top two being on a par.Since all this is tailored to you personally it creates a level playing field. 


We know that even the top of the range personal heart rate monitors can get boring after a while. However like SMART Training, MyZone is completely centred around community and social training.

Adding friends who use the app is an option. But since MyZone is relatively new to Dublin/Ireland you may not have many mates currently using MyZone. Instead you can connect with SMART Training members and trainers and see their progress.

The app allows you to see the workouts of others as well as liking them and commenting. We will also have an overall leaderboard at SMART Training. Since this is based on effort it’s really great as a motivator. A gym beginner could be ahead of an athlete, if they put the time and effort in.



The App is Easy to Use and Encouraging

Firstly the App is really easy to use, as is the heart rate monitor. With the heart rate monitor it’s simply about strapping it on, hearing one beep and you are set. The app is also extremely easy to navigate. All you need to do to connect your phone to your strap is ensure that the monitor is on your chest and that Bluetooth and location are turned on on your phone.

When working out the app displays your tile, showing the percentage of your max heart rate. It also shows colories, MEPs and heart rate, at a glance. The same tile appears on a connected screen in SMART Training gym. This also shows the upcoming colour change as the next zone approaches so you can slow down or speed up appropriately.

Since a sign of fitness is a heart rate that drops back down to normal quickly after stress, going up and down between zones really helps you strive for fitness. The app also shows calories burnt. We have to say that there should be very little focus on the calories burnt, the focus should be on MyZone Effort Points (MEP’s). MyZone should not be used as a tool to calculate whether you can eat a cheese burger that night or a salad, you’re seeking real physical improvement.

The app also has the option to log photos of food and your own body. This is stored in the calendar and offers a clear view of improvements made. It can also be shared socially which is completely up to the individual.

30-Day Kick Start Programmes

If you feel have a goal in mind and feel that you could use a the guidance or support of some of the best Personal Trainers in the country, we offer a 30 Day Kick Start programme in our Churchtown based gym. We offer both Personal Training and Group Training programmes. During the 30 days, you’ll learn what you need to know to continue on your own path following the 30 days, or you can always sign up for 1-on-1 Training or Semi Private Training or even Group Training at SMART Training to continue working with a personal trainer.