So sometimes, as you may know, we do product reviews of products we have in our cupboards and fridges. We only ever do reviews on products that we really really love. We have reviewed everything from protein bars to ice-cream. We only ever review healthy(ier) good quality products that we think our clients can benefit from. That all said, today we are reviewing a product created by one of our members – Saucy Momma Salad Dressings, Dips and Sauces. Full disclosure, Saucy Momma is a brand created by Sarah, our Client Manager’s, mom- Tricia Murtagh.


So the Saucy Momma story….Well Tricia has been involved in food all her life. She grew up working in her parents fruit, vegetable, poultry and fish shop in Terenure, serving customer, mopping floors, helping her dad purchase stock in the Fruit and Vegetable market and helping her mom create the most elaborate fruit baskets you could ever imagine. She went on to work for both Dunnes Stores and Marks and Spencers as a Manager, bringing the same ideology of real customer service to the big brand stores. She not only has a passion for healthy delicious seasonal produces, she is also an incredible cook and has catered many large and small events from sit dinner parties to finger food buffet’s. Tricia loves a good salad but was sick of picking up salad dressings from the supermarket, taking them home and realising when she read the back of the bottle that it was full of preservatives and would probably be in date at the turn of the next century. She was also fed up with seeing how calorie laden some of the products were. What’s the point opting for a salad and then dousing it with a heavy creamy Caesar sauce. Which brings us to Saucy Momma. Saucy Momma is a brand of seasonal, all natural, vegan salad dressings which transform into marinades, dips and sauces. They have a use by date of two weeks, because they don’t contain preservatives. They also only contain ingredients that you would recognise


At present, Saucy Momma has three flavours: Avocado and Lime, Smokey Tomato and Honey and Mustard. All are simply delicious. We use the Avocado and Lime as an alternative to mayo on our wraps or sandwiches. We also use it as a salad dressing as it has a gorgeous fresh taste. We use the Smokey and Tomato flavour as a sauce and marinade but it would be ideal as a dip or dressing too. Its got a lovely hit of paprika and a delicious taste rich tomato taste off it. We use it to marinade meat, as it has a rapeseed oil base, but also in a veg stir-fry. Finally the Honey and Mustard flavour combines French Mustard Seeds with a Irish Honey to make a really delicious salad dressing. It can also be used as a sauce for white fish or chicken.


Saucy Momma is not currently available in shops, however it is available in Leapardstown Farmers Market every Friday morning from 9am to 2pm and from Saturday 2nd September it will be available in Killruddery Farmers Market every Saturday from 10am to 3pm.  The price is €4 per 250ml bottle. For the next month Saucy Momma will also be taking orders by text to SMART Training Churchtown clients. You can order your Saucy Momma flavours and pick it up at SMART Training 2 days later. The contact number for Saucy Momma is 0868552552.