SMART Training New Years Fitness Challenge

What is a ‘New Year Fitness Challenge’?

SMART Training Gym Little Island, Cork, is running it’s annual New Years Fitness Challenge in January & February 2018. The Challenge will start on Monday 14th January and run until Saturday 9th February (Four weeks of Fitness). The New Years Challenge includes one Semi Private Personal Training session a week and two Group Fitness Classes a week (at times that are convenient to you) for a total of four weeks. At the Personal Training session you will follow a completely tailored programme, created to fit your needs, abilities and goals.



What times would training Sessions take place?

Sessions will be booked, at times that are convenient to you, at the beginning of the New Years Challenge . Our Group Fitness Classes take place Monday to Thursday at 16.30 and Monday and Wednesday at lunchtime, 1.05pm. Group Classes run for approximately 40 minutes. Our PT session times start early mornings and run until late evenings 5 days a week.



What is included in the New Years Fitness Challenge? 
  • Nutritional Support
  • Meal Plans & Shopping List
  • 2 Group Sessions a Week/ 8 sessions over 4 weeks
  • 1 Semi Private Personal Training Session a Week/ 4 sessions over 4 weeks
  • Discounts on Future Memberships



How much is the registration fee?

Early registration (before 5pm on Friday 4th January) is  €119.99. The late registration fee is €139.99. Registration closes on Friday 11th January. Please note that the 2018 New Years Challenge SOLD OUT so booking early is advisable to avoid disappointment. 



I’m not sure I’m fit enough to do a Challenge? 

We are a ‘No Judgement Gym’ and we cater for all levels of fitness. All of our exercises in our sessions can be progressed and regressed depending on the clients abilities. We cater for clients with knee, shoulder and or back injuries also, ensuring that these clients can workout safely without straining the injury.  




Duration: 4 Weeks (12 Sessions in Total).

Days/Times: Days and Times that suit your schedule. Please note that Group Fitness Classes take place at 13.10 (lunchtime)and 16.30 on weekdays. 

Location: SMART Training Gym Cork, 40 East Gate Drive, Little Island. 

Dates: Monday 14th January to Saturday 9th February. 

Prices: Eary registration is €119.99 by Friday 4th January. Late registration is €139.99.



Early Register Open €119 :  Register Here 


  1. This offer is not available to clients with current memberships.
  2. Once Registered, client will receive a mail with training times available. All sessions will be booked prior to the Challenge beginning. Clients can reschedule sessions during the Challenge via our app. All sessions must be taken before the 9th February.
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