SMART Training Summer Bootcamp

For the third year in a row, SMART Training will be running Summer Outdoor Bootcamp’s in June and July 2018. Each Bootcamp will be 4 weeks long and includes 2 sessions per week on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 19.30. Bootcamp is suitable for those who have a desire to get fit, drop body fat and look and feel great all while training in a fun, supportive and community based environment under the supervision some of the best Personal Trainers in Ireland. You can expect lots of lunges, squats, push ups, hill sprints, jumps, relays and of course the inevitable…..BURPEES. We will also tailor exercises for people with knee, shoulder or back injuries so you wont miss out.

Our June Bootcamp will start on the Tuesday 5th June and runs until Thursday 28th June(four weeks of fitness). Our July Bootcamp will start on Tuesday 3rd July and runs until Thursday 26th July. Bootcamp clients will receive:
  • Nutritional Support
  • Meal Plans & Shopping List
  • 2 Bootcamp Sessions a Week/ 8 sessions over 4 weeks
  • Discounts on Future Memberships
If you register early (before 5pm on Friday 25th May) the price for the first Morning Group Session Course is €69.99. The late registration price, after Friday 23rd March is €89.99. Registration closes on Friday 6th April.

We are a ‘No Judgement Gym’ and so we cater for every level of fitness and all of our programmes can be regressed or progressed. We will also cater for clients with knee, shoulder or back injuries so you won’t have to miss out.

Duration: 4 Weeks (8 Sessions in Total).

Days/Times: 19.30 on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s.

Location: Meet at SMART Training Churchtown

Dates: June Bootcamp – Tuesday 5th June- Thursday 28th June/ July Bootcamp – Tuesday 3rd July – Thursday 26th July.

Prices: Early registration for Bootcamp is €55 for one Bootcamp Course if Registered by Friday 25th May. If Registering after the Friday 25th May, Bootcamp is priced at €60. If you wish to register for both Bootcamp’s, the price for both the June and July Bootcamp’s is €100 before Friday 25th. 

Register Here for June Bootcamp: €55 – Register Here

Register Here for July Bootcamp: €55 – Register Here 

Register Here for both June & July Bootcamp: €100 – Register Here

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