It’s that time of year again, when we start splashing the cash on our loved ones and are often left wondering what on earth to get them. Well, if your friend, family member or partner is a fitness enthusiast or health nut then this guide will help to answer that question. I have included a range of items from luxury to budget, so there is something for everyone! In truth, this is basically a very public Christmas gift list for my husband, friends and family! 

Fitness Tech


More and more fitness related technology is emerging on the market and there now seems to be a gadget for almost everything. A fitness tracker is a good choice and there are many different ones to choose from depending on each individuals training style. I recommend Garmin trackers for runners/triathletes or those that like to train outdoors while mapping their routes.

For those that love more variety in their training, I reccommend the MyZone Activity Belt which SMART Training clients use in the gym. The MyZone Belt tracks your heart rate and is the most reliable and accurate heart rate monitor on the market.  SMART Training is currently selling these for €99.99, these retail at €129.99 so if you would like one, drop us a mail ( to get yours before Christmas. This tracker is also a fantastic way to encourage you to get the gym on those wet evenings as they connect to your phone via an app and award you with points every time you wear it, depending on your efforts. You can also track your heart rate in real time while at most commercial gyms as the belt will automatically connect via bluetooth to most cardio machines, handy when you hop on the treadmill.

A more affordable option is the Nuband Active Tracker which simply tracks your steps and helps to motivate you to get moving.

Active Wear & Gear


This is an obvious one. Take note of their favourite active wear brands and have a browse. If you really want to treat someone, I highly recommend forking out for a piece of luxury activewear. SweatyBetty are my personal favourite due to their ultra lightweight material and bum sculpting detailing. They also have an incredible amount of patterns and cuts so there is definately something to suit every fitness enthusiasts. If you’re on a budget then try Active in Style for unique pieces at a range of price points.

If your fitness enthusiast travels a lot or trains at home, I highly recommend getting them some lightweight kit they can use anywhere such as Rip60’s, resistance bands and sliders. If they’re into yoga or pilates, you can’t go wrong with a good quality mat. Yoga Dublin Dundrum does some great quality mats where you can find something to suit all budgets.

If they’re a gym-goer or a class-addict then a gym-bag or backpack is a great gift idea. A sweat towel is infinitely useful, and you can make it personalised by having their initials sewn into one.

Fitness Food


Fitness enthusiast and health nuts tend to also be into food, big time. And to be honest… isn’t everyone a foodie?! A great idea on a budget is to get a stocking and fill it with all their favourite foodie treats. I personally recommend chucking in a few of their favourite flavour Fulfil chocolate bars, some sachets of nut butter, and maybe even some samples of different protein powders. We get all of our protein powder from Myprotein. They currently have 30% off everything with the code ‘Everything’.

Your fitness lovers is more than likely a coffee lover too so a perhaps a personalised coffee tin might be a good option or even some good quality Irish roasted coffee. Badger & Dodo (a Cork coffee roasting company) is our favourite and is available direct through their online store. For those who are serious about their coffee they have a 12 Month Coffee Subscription offer where they roast and post a different coffee to you each month for twelve months. Never the same coffee twice, literally taking a tour of the world of coffee.

If your person is someone who likes to hit the gym early in the morning a stainless steal (no sweating) water bottle which doubles up as a flask is an incredibly useful gift. It keeps your coffee/tea hot for over 12 hours and ice cold for over 24 hours.

Gift Vouchers


Some people have an issue with buying vouchers for their loved ones as they feel it impersonal but if you think your person would love the flexibility and convienience of voucher to help them on their fitness journey, there are plenty of places worth checking out. Most gyms offer Gift Vouchers. SMART Training, based in Dublin 14, currently offers 30% Extra on every Gift Voucher you purchase. So if you buy a Gift Voucher for €100 you will be presenting your loved one with a €130 voucher to spend on any of Group Training or Personal Training programmes.

Our resident Sports Massage Therapist- SMART Sports Massage, is also offering Gift Vouchers this Christmas for €45, which will cover the price of a 45 minute treatment to work out all of those knots and aches and pains your work up in the gym.

For that protein fiend in your life, check out Kerrigan Award Winning Craft Butchers who offer Gift vouchers which your fitness lover can use to order some delicious Fake Aways or Turkey Burgers from their massive range of Foods for Fitness on their online store. I know it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Christmas gift but if your person is a real fitness fanatic, protein is king! For €7.99 they offer Nationwide delivery within 24hours of order and free delivery for orders over €100.

30-Day Kick Start Programmes

If you feel have a goal in mind and feel that you could use a the guidance or support of some of the best Personal Trainers in the country, we offer a 30 Day Kick Start programme in our Churchtown based gym. We offer both Personal Training and Group Training programmes. During the 30 days, you’ll learn what you need to know to continue on your own path following the 30 days, or you can always sign up for 1-on-1 Training or Semi Private Training or even Group Training at SMART Training to continue working with a personal trainer.