The 17th January. Why is that a significant date? The 17th January is D Day for New Years Resolutions – the day, research shows, 40% of people who have made New Years Resolutions give up on their good intentions and fall back into old habits.  By the end of January, two thirds of people have well and truly abandoned their resolutions, meaning February can be a month of disappointment of the over indulgence, shame and sometimes guilt for people.  But don’t fret. If you find yourself off track from your New Year’s Resolution, here are a few steps you can take to begin your brand-new 11 Month’s Resolution.




1. Revisit Your Goals

Something is misaligned if you’ve lost track or interest of a goal so soon after setting it.

There’s a reason your resolution did not work out last month. Was it too lofty? Too challenging? Maybe you need some help in the motivation department. Whatever the reason, until you figure out what went wrong, there will not be a chance to get it right. Think of January as a free month trial. You attempted to make a positive change in your life, and now you know something wasn’t quite right. Identify what went wrong in January and make sure to fix it for February. There are still 11 months left in 2019, “New Year, New Me” is still very possible.

Maybe your resolution didn’t work out because you weren’t achieving the results you wanted quick enough. Some things take time. Instead of only having one goal that will take months to achieve, identify major stepping stones along the way. These “mini- resolutions” will help give you more tangible objectives to work towards and motivate you on those days that you so desperately want to revert back to your old habits. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help. Contact your local gym or reputable Personal Trainer and ask for an exercise programme that will fit your goals, abilities and schedule. SMART Training Gyms have gym locations in Little Island, Cork and Churchtown, Dublin 14.


2. Find A Buddy


Psychologically having a resolution buddy doesn’t make much of a difference right away—but social support starts to make a big impact about a month into your resolution. The research-informed explanation is that virtually anybody can get through a couple weeks with a neutral or even toxic environment, but that begins to weigh heavily. Having a friend or family member who’s going through the same thing can give you the strength to stick to it.

If you don’t have a buddy who has a similar goal to you, a really great alternative is to sign up to a regular fitness class with a strong community atmosphere. SMART Training offers group training fitness classes in both our Little Island, Cork gym and Churchtown, Dublin 14 gym.


3. Schedule Cheats

I know what you’re thinking: “Cheats Days? On an already failing New Year’s Resolution? But please, hear me out. No matter what, one of these days, you’re going to reach for that old selection box, or you’re going to turn off that alarm and skip your gym session. Instead of pretending that this will not happen, why not prepare for it? For example, if you’re trying to eat healthy, schedule a day in your week for an amazing dessert or a pizza or whatever you have been craving. Yes, it takes away from your goal at that specific moment, but in the long-run knowing that you can cheat on your resolution in the future will make you less likely to cheat at other moments, keeping you more on track! Remember this is a lifestyle choice rather than a short transformation.


4. Be Realistic

If your New Year’s Resolution was to go to the gym seven days a week, and you never made it more than twice, then it may be time for a new goal. Your resolution should be equal parts challenging and feasible. Trimming down your resolution after January is not a failing, but rather another method to work towards achievement. Unobtainable goals are as meaningless as having no goals at all. It will be much more rewarding to achieve a smaller resolution than no resolution at all.


5. Restart at the Right Time


Research suggests that starting a behavior change on a day that holds psychological significance—whether that’s the first of the month, the first day of the week or the day after a birthday or anniversary—may modestly improve your chances of success.

One caveat: Don’t wait for a big day if that’s just another way to put off healthy change. At SMART Training Gyms we tell people to start a good intention when you they are best ready, without resorting to procrastination and yet another excuse.



30-Day Kick Start Programmes

If you feel have a goal in mind and feel that you could use a the guidance or support of some of the best Personal Trainers in the country, we offer a 30 Day Kick Start programme in our Churchtown, Dublin 14 based gym and and also in our brand new Little Island Gym, Cork. We offer both Personal Training and Group Training fitness classes. During the 30 days, you’ll learn what you need to know to continue on your own path following the 30 days, or you can always sign up for 1-on-1 Training or Semi Private Training or even Group Training fitness classes at SMART Training to continue working with a personal trainer.